Linda S. LaMarca, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology


Neuropsychological Assessment Services  

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment services are provided for pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics.  Common diagnostic categories include:
  • Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Attention Problems, Behavior Problems
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • Dementia, Cognitive Decline, Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Stroke, Brain Tumor, Neurological Disorders
Assessment Services include Educational/Learning Disability Assessments, Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessments (including the use of ADI-R/ADOS-2), ADD/ADHD Evaluations, Intellectual Assessments, Evaluation for Special Testing Accommodations, Pre-College Testing, Gifted and Talented Assessments, Disability Evaluations, Capacity Evaluations, and Memory Assessments.

A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment involves several visits to the office, including an initial intake interview, 2-3 testing sessions, and a feedback appointment.   A comprehensive written report including history, test results, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations is provided at the final appointment. 

Neuropsychological Treatment Services
  • Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for emotional and adjustment issues
  • Cognitive retraining and compensatory strategies for memory, attention, reasoning, organization, executive functioning, and skills of daily living
  • Parent training and family education
  • Medical hypnotherapy for treatment of emotional and physical symptoms, habit disorders, and specific disorders such as misophonia
Pain Management Treatment Services

Brief cognitive-behavioral pain management training aimed at decreasing physical discomfort and emotional distress, reducing visits to physicians, minimizing medication use, and increasing understanding of pain processes.
  Treatment typically lasts 10-12 sessions and includes,
  • psychoeducation about pain perception and mind-body connections
  • relaxation and stress management training
  • cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve mood and coping and maximize adjustment to medical condition
  • pacing strategies to prevent pain flare-ups
  • instruction in self-hypnosis with individualized audio recordings for home use
  • problem-solving and goal-setting strategies
  • health education strategies to reduce pain
  • written hand-outs for home use

Linda LaMarca, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
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